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Reiki Training
Costa Rica


Reiki Training in the Rainforest of Costa Rica

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Reiki Practitioner Training


Reiki I

This course teaches Reiki I in a one day intensive hands on class. This course will introduce and connect you to the Reiki energy through Reiki attunements and learning the history and uses of Reiki.

Reiki I  250.00

  • History of Reiki

  • Basic overview of Reiki Energy

  • Principles of Reiki Healing

  • Basic Chakra Information

  • Self Healing techniques

  • Level One Reiki attunement

  • Practice using what you have learned

  • Certification as a Level One Reiki

  • E-manual Reiki I      

Reiki II  
Training 350.00

    This course teaches Reiki II  in a one day intensive hands on class. This course will introduce and connect you to the Reiki energy through Reiki attunements. You will receive and Reiki II Attunements to raise your vibration and heighten your ability. Most importantly you will discover your own individual way to use one or more of your 7 senses for more effective healings in a way that will be very natural to you. This is a wonderful refresher course for Reiki practitioners who would like to experience being reattuned to Reiki.

prerequisite Reiki I


  • You will learn how Reiki works with guided hand positions for self healing and healing others

  • How to heal children, pets and animals, scanning, beaming energy across a room or street.

  • The Usui self treatment meditation technique

  • How to give a full body treatment

  • Reiki meditation 

  • The power of intent

  • Aromatouch Reiki and Chakra Balancing with Reiki

  • E Maual Reiki II

This is a practitioner level course, which prepares you to practice Reiki professionally if you wish. Please contact Robin for individual class prices or join a group retreat.  Please reserve your space and time for preparation of your manuals and certificates.

Training : $350

Taking both Reiki I and II the cost is less.  Total for both is 500.00 and will be taught over a two day period.


Reiki III


training requires at least three months practicing at a Reiki II level or special approval for individuals who already doing healing energy and body work.  Cost of Reiki III is 695.00 and takes you to the Reiki Master Teacher Level.


Contact Information

Robin E. Jones, PhD., Reiki Master   holisticlifeuniversity@gmail.com 

USA 850-895-2000

Certification and Educational Courses

  • Hypnotherapy Certification: This program of can be taken by correspondence and consists of 8 modules of study with comprehensive instruction in all areas of hypnotherapeutic practice. Whether you're new to hypnosis, or have years of experience, this is a course you'll want to take!
  • Past Life Regression Specialist  Past Life Regression is the journey into one's personal soul history. Learn how to conduct past life regressions using NLP, Hypnosis, and other spiritual techniques.
  • Reiki I & II and Reiki Master/Teacher Spiritually guided life force energy". The Reiki system of healing is a technique for transmitting this spiritually guided life force energy to yourself and others through the hands into the body's energy field. After completing I and II Reiki Master/Teacher is 695.00
  • Intuitive Healing: Learn to give intuitive readings, reprogram limiting beliefs, and facilitate emotional and physical healings using unconditional love and our connection to Source Energy.
  • EFT Practitioner
  • Cold Laser Practitioner Certification
  • Relaxation Massage Practitioner
  • Personal and Spiritual Growth Workshops
Pompano Beach Florida and 

San Rafael de Alejuela, Costa Rica


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