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Massage Training

Massage Training

In the field of health care, one particular name stands out as one of the fastest growing segment of the industry – the massage therapy. Massage therapy on its most basic can be considered as a healing art and a science, and balancing these two can produce a unique individual. But, learning the art and science of massage therapy is not an easy task. There are a lot of things to consider, and perhaps one of those is the different varieties of massage techniques, each with its own application, principle, and purposes. Indeed it’s hard to know where exactly to start.

If you are one of the thousands of people who got an interest in learning the techniques and principles of massage therapy, I bet you would be happy to hear that getting an introductory course in massage training a great way to begin.

Massage Training Curriculum

Just like other courses, a massage therapy program has its own curriculum depending on the type of training you are receiving. Generally, the curriculum of massage therapy program covers a number of different areas from the field of science and art. This is no wonder though as massage therapy is considered both a science and an art.  If you have ever been interested in the field of massage we have the perfect introductory course for you here in Costa Rica.

We offer a week long intensive and is meant for those who want to learn massage for family and friends or who may later choose to further study the art and science of massage for licensure where required.  In the USA there are only 7 states that do not require licensing to practice massage as a complimentary and alternative health care provider-and they are Vermont, Minnesota, Wyoming, Idaho, Kansas, Oklahoma and Alaska.  This course is adequate for basic techniques and is not intended for licensure. 

According to the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals organization, most states in the U.S.. require massage therapists to obtain licenses. As of 2010, seven states did not: Vermont, Minnesota, Wyoming, Idaho, Kansas, Oklahoma and Alaska.

Read more: States That Do Not Require a Massage License | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/list_6537675_states-not-require-massage-license.html#ixzz2CiyJGfBk

This course can be used a basic introductory course.  It provides practice and theorys of relaxation massage and is and excellent course for those persons traveling gap years, volunteering in Central and South America who want to offer services to help with travel expenses or work in resorts or wellness centers or spas under the supervision of professional massage therapist or holistic practitioner. You will learn the.

  • Theory and History of massage
  • Massage techniques and hands on practicum.
  • Treatment principles
  • Assessment training
  • Ethics

For more information on how you can visit Costa Rica and take this introductory course either in a group workshop or one on one training including accomodations.  Please Call Robin at 506-8722-1585 or skype puravidagringa.  email holisticretreats@gmail.com    Packages starting at 995.00

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