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Holistic Life University
Holistic Training * Reiki * EFT * Laser * Hypnosis * Aromatherapy * Yoga
Holistic Training

All programs are offered with certification through the Holistic Life University and Academy of Hypnosis and Laser Therapy.

All these programs are offered in Florida on the emerald coast or on special retreats that are planned in Costa Rica.  If you are an individual interested in training or if you are a wellness or yoga retreat facilitator that would like to add any of these workshops to your program please contact Robin at holisticlifeuniversity@gmail.com 


For information now please email Robin at holisticlifeuniversity@gmail.com

 or call 850-895-2000 USA or 850-497-2511

Laser Therapy Training


Reiki I Reiki II Training


Holistic Massage Training in Costa Rica


Learn EFT Emotional Freedom Technique












Pompano Beach Florida and 

San Rafael de Alejuela, Costa Rica


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