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Train for an exciting new career or add Cold Laser Therapy to your current practice.



      A Divison of The Universtiy of Holistic Theology

                          A Florida State Recognized Non-Traditional, Non-Secular University of the Spiritual Healing Arts


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The University of Holistic Theology offers complete certification training in Low Light Laser Therapy.

including optional  FDA I.R.B. Protocols and optional inclusion in IRB with purchase of approved cold laser device.

Our Trainers will provide you with the most comphrehensive stop smoking and weight loss program available. We guide you step by step getting into this new exciting business of Laser Therapy and add a guided imagery protocol that is taught to train hypnotherapists to help clients stop smoking in only one hour.  This training alone normally costs thousands of dollars. You will not only be certified as a low-light laser practitioner but you will  recieve a complentary  certification as a certified hypnotherapist in smoking and weight control. You will leave with the knowledge of how to obtain your business license, tax ID number, paper work, website design, advertisement, merchant account, and appointment bookings. These are just a few topics in our business start up plan. Please take a moment to look at all you will receive in our training package.     

  • A welcome and overview of our comprehensive training
  • An optional entry into IRB  (Additional IRB of 500.00 per protocol required for IRB inclusion)
  • IRB restrictions and process with advertising restrictions
  • Complete reporting requirements for the IRB
  • Our knowledge of reading material to enhance your center
  • One low level laser and wand that is included in the price of training.
  • Certification of complete Training
  • Student Questions and Answers
  • Detoxification of your Clients
  • Overview of the laser therapy for Smoking and Weight Control
  • A laser safety set-up and complete knowledge of our Laser system
  • Our exclusive introduction to our Smoking and Weight Loss Protocols
  • The psychology of your clients as a smoker and weight loss patient
  • Our pre-treatment and education of your clients
  • How to create a new environment for smoking triggers
  • Documentation and required forms
  • Recruitment and management of personnel
  • Staff orientation
  • Appointment scheduling
  • How to get medical referrals
  • How to get free advertising your business
  • Products to create more revenue
  • Use our proven booster program to drive your monthly revenue
  • Provide supplements for residual cash flow
  • How to receive free literature from Phillip Morris
  • What our Laser system does for the entire body
  • How to Market to Corporations
  • Teach your employees on how to describe this new technology to phone callers
  • Offer you ongoing phone and email assistance. 
  •   The Opportunity
    Today we have an extraordinary opportunity to introduce
  • the most affordable unsurpassed system available to help people
  • who want to stop smoking or lose weight and much more.

The Competition
Amazingly there is virtually no direct competition in 95% of the major market areas across

North America. This means you will be all alone in your new business but will have the

backing of an internationally recognized company.

The Timing
In our opinion the timing is excellent. North America is now experiencing an obesity epidemic

and smoking is still or continues to kill 5 million people every year.

The Market
Addictions such as smoking, gambling, alcohol and drug use as well as the weight loss

and diet industries generate individually, multi- billions of dollars worth of business

annually in North America alone.

The Growth
The Micro Current and Low Level Laser Therapy Industry is still in the infancy stage,

the potential for growth and world wide expansion is literally unlimited.

The Career opportunities

Open your very own clinic and become a professional certified "Laser Technician" (CLT).

You will enjoy a rewarding career, excellent income potential and a great working environment.

Serious inquiries are welcome.

Starting a new business or a new revenue stream has never been so easy.

We will provide you with our detailed manuals, step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow

charts and diagrams.

Your training will be a “hands on” experience, expertly demonstrated by our

highly qualified instructors and therapists.

As well, you will receive comprehensive business training that will show you step-by-step

how to run your new business efficiently.

Our business management team will teach you how to minimize expenses,

maximize profits, and provide the best in customer service to your new clients.

With our extensive training you will receive all aspects of running a successful laser therapy

business. This allows you to open your own clinic quickly.

Start Your Own Clinic

We offer the opportunity to fully train you in successfully owning and operating your own clinic.

Add to an Existing Business

If you seeking additional revenue streaming, then Micro Current and Laser Therapy is an

excellent add-on service for:

    • Acupuncturist's
    • Alternative Health Care Practitioners
    • Beauty Salons
    • Chiropractor's
    • Diet & Weight Loss Centers
    • Aestheticians
    • Health Spas
    • Health & Nutrition Centers
    • Holistic Doctors
    • Massage Therapist's

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Group Stop smoking and Weight Loss Protocols

Certification as Weight Loss Specialist, Smoking Cessation Specialist, and Low Level Laser Practitioner.



 Laser Therapy…The Healing Energy and Power of Light !

Career Training Opportunities with Low Level Laser Therapy

Whether you want to open a dedicated Laser Therapy Center or add

Low Laser Therapy to your existing business, We will provide you

with the skills and knowledge that you need.

UHOT Laser Training offers you...

    • A new and unique business opportunity, with minimal or no competition .
    • Professional training.
    • Low start up costs, high profit potential and partial financing available.
    • Certification from The Universtiy of Holistic Theology..A Florida State Recognized Non-Traditonal, Non-Secular University of Holistic and Spritual Studies.

Our business training package includes protocols for:

    • Nicotine Addiction
    • Smoking Cessation
    • Weight Management
    • Appetite Control
    • Hormonal Imbalance Resulting in Weight Gain
    • Liver Dysfunction or Malabsorption Resulting in Weight Gain
    • Emotional or Personality Eating Disorders
    • Cellulite Problems
    • Drug Addiction
    • Alcohol Addiction
    • Depression
    • Insomnia
    • Stress
    • Pain
    • Addictions to Pain Medication
    • PMS
    • Menopause
    • Facial Rejuvenation

Yes we have access to IRB's and FDA regulations

Yes we can provide you with fully approved lasers for use in the US and Canada that are priced

from $1500.00 to $10,000.00

We offer protocol training for stop smoking and weight loss on any laser that you decide to purchase.  This training can be

for a laser purchased from us or elsewhere.  We highly recoomend healing lasers..that we have found to be quality economical

IRB lasers.

    • 635-650 nm lasers
    • 808 nm lasers
    • multi probe devices





  • You will know the difference between lasers and LEDs and when and where each may be appropriate
  • Understand how laser biostimulation affects human tissues and how it interacts with the living matrix that is the connective tissue grid - the working medium of bodywork
  • Have new skills to help your clients achieve unprecedented success in smoking cessation.
  • Be able to not only use laser protocol but guided imagery therapy to make the changes permanent. 
  • Know a simple approach to guarantee your clients never go back to smoking. 
  • Know simple techniques for assuring your clients lose weight and keep it off. 
  • Know how to use the laser to relax adrenal glands and stimulate parasympathetic nervous system function to create an environment for whole body relaxation and sympathetic/ parasympathetic balance
  • Look at the body in a new way, incorporating holistic awareness with new technologies
Pompano Beach Florida and 

San Rafael de Alejuela, Costa Rica


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